Thursday, October 30, 2014

Toddler crafts for Halloween: Spider Web

Everyone that knows me knows I love all things kid and all things craft. So if you know my kids they are exactly the same! Be little but think big!! Even if your 3 in my house your covered in paint and glue already.  This morning Drew and I spent at least an hour making spider webs out of a left over paper plate and yarn! I just punched holes all around the plate.  I taped one end of the length of yarn I cut to the back of the plate and watched as he endlessly weaved the yarn in and out of the holes to form different patterns. He would have kept going if we didn't have to leave.  This little craft was also good for developing motor skills valuable for all preschoolers! Now all we need is a spider for our web.  Stay tuned...we might just catch one!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Matty's Angry Bird-day Party 2014

Like all 7 year olds, our son Matty loves anything that has to do with video games  and in this house full of boys, Angry Birds is a favorite!  Planning this party was so fun! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed planning this special day!  

You know I am always happy when I can reuse decor from other parties and this wreath happens to be one of my favorites!  I have used it several times since first making it for our Dr. Seuss Party.  The tutorial for making can be found here: Ribbon Wreath tutorial
 This time around I had the treat table inside mostly because it was 107 degrees that day and we figured most guests would be inside.  But I actually think it worked out great and might be our new spot from now on!

 I made this last minute letter for the snack table and love the way it turned out!  SQUAWK!
 The snacks:  Pretzels aka Twigs
 TNT Brownies with little white fondant rectangles.  I used food writer markers to write TNT on them.
 Birds nests.  I made these before for our owl party.  Always a big hit and so easy to make!
 Sugar cookie piggies.  The snouts are made with green Wilton melts!
 I am super proud of these marshmallow pops!  I used a rolled out starburst to cut out the beaks.
 Iced tea...TN-TEA!
 Piggy Punch was just pineapple juice and sprite.

 Our backyard before the guests arrived

 And of course the piece de resistance... a full sized Angry Birds game!! I will have the tutorial for how to build the slingshot soon!  Basically it's made of PVC pipe that we spray painted brown.

 The birds are balls that I painted the faces on.  I made some ball piggies too.

 Our new favorite party thing is a photo booth.  The pictures we get are always my favorite! 
 Favors were easy.  I just bought a ton of these Angry Birds candy boxes at Walmart.
 I used Matty's stuffed birds around for decorations.

 I found this pinata at Target.
 I had planned on making cupcakes but then I saw this cake at Sam's club and it was perfect!

All in all the day was amazing!  I wish it hadn't been so hot but we still had a ton of fun!  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School 2014

My kids like many others across the nation started school today! I miss him like crazy but well they were gone this really awesome treat for them! With the help of my three-year-old we baked cupcakes and then made these super easy toppers out of fondant.  

They were really easy. First I rolled out the white fondant and then used a circle cookie-cutter to cut out circles.  I used the Wilton's decorator Preferred brand box.  You can find it at Michael's or Joann's for around $7 and use a 40% coupon. I've also seen it at Walmart.  The box looks small but goes a long way! I still have some left over for a future project!

  Then with food writer food coloring pens I made the blue lines then the red lines and then personalize them with the black marker.  I learned this little tip the hard way... Make sure you hold the pin straight up and not at an angle like you normally write. The ink bleeds that way as you can see in the top right circle.  It doesn't look terrible but it is definetely not the best either. 
To stick them to the cupcakes first I put a little frosting on the cupcakes (that's the glue) and then just popped the toppers right on top! Done!! Could not be easier!

For the apple ones, I just used red frosting, a pretzel stick for the stem and a sour candy Strip I cut into leaf shapes! The boys loved them!! And because it's also my hubby's bday, there was a special one for him. 
But even cuter than these cupcakes are my little sweethearts! 2nd grade, freshman and a senior! Baby is still home with me but I made him a sign too so he won't feel left out! :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Science week 2014

It's a tradition I started when my older kids were little and we look forward to it every year! Every summer we do a science week full of fun experiments!  This is out lesson plan for the week:
Monday we taught the littles all about rain clouds and how storms are formed.  We used dollar store shaving cream, a clear container filled with clear water and a small bowl filled with water I dyed blue which was our "rain".
We took turns dropping the rain onto our cloud with a dropper.  When the cloud was full of rain, the rain started to fall out of the cloud and formed a storm. Even my 3 year old was completely fascinated by watching our storm form!

Tuesday day 2: I bought a kit at Joann's to make a Tin Can robot.  This was super cool! It did however take quite a bit of time and the littles lost interest in the building portion fairly quick. But once it was built they loved it!!
Day 3: we made flubber!! The recipe was pretty simple.  All you need is:

2 bottles of Elmers Glue (equaling 1 cup)
1 cup of cold water 
Food coloring
Mix those together in 1 bowl.  Then in a second bowl add:
1 TBS of Borax Laundry Detergent
3/4 cup of warm water
Stir the contents of bowl 2 until the Borax is dissolved and then dump that into bowl 1. Mix until it's a rubber consistency.  
**Note** the glue I had on hand was not Elmer and I'm not sure but I think that may have caused it to be a little too sticky? Or I should have stired it longer. It was still fun either way! :)

Day 5: we skipped thursday because one of my sons had a day long birthday party to attend. On friday we did this cool water experiment.  We had 3 cups. 2 were filled halfway with either yellow dye water or blue dyed water. The middle cup was empty. We added a paper towel from the blue cup up and into the middle empty cup & did the same with the yellow. By the end of the day the 2 have combined into the middle cup to make green water!! Honestly this one took a long time to work but it was so worth the wait!!